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A lil bout myself . I'm terrible when it comes down to witting bout myself so here's just a lil short description. Im 19(2008), Male, from Malaysia but currently pursuing a degree on animation and VFX for games(2nd year). Oh I go by the name Joseph btw. Absolutely love sports especially basketball and soccer. Love makes me happy...LOL ! Just recently awaken to the world of true Art and trying to explore my creative side. Also changes a huge part of me, most probably the side where I USED to view something/one. Believes : in Jesus and God, Everything happens for a reason, life's fated, outer-world beings. Do not believes : in chain letters(don't bother sending me any), people with complete honesty, the word "Fair".

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    Thursday, October 7, 2010
    Puts my soul to rest | 10:55 PM


    Friday, November 20, 2009
    Golden Section ! | 5:58 PM

    Today's post is a about a Project i worked on in My Golden Section Class. First off, What is golden Section ? Mathematically speaking, Golden ratio = 1.618 Artistically speaking, its a ratio that makes a composition interesting. It a long way back if i were to explain what is the golden ratio. All the way back in the old Renaissance, artists and architects used it in thier work. There are those who use a mathematical way to calculate the golden ratio of a composition BUT there are also those who knew the golden ratio complete by nature, it comes naturally to them. Lets not go on with the explaination, it might bored you. However, if u want to find out more, go watch the movie Pi(1998).

    Anyways...more about my project, were given 3 choices. To make either a design for a Rug, floorplan, or a tarot card. I chose to do a tarot card. Whats a tarot card ? its a card used by fortune tellers to read your fortune. Just like any deck of cards, there will be a variety of different cards. A tarot deck consist of The fool, The magician, The sun, The moon, etc.

    So i choose the death card ! ahahhaha, pretty sure u guys already know.
    Below are a process of measuments and finishing the idea before putting on the borders and final touch on my Tarot card.


    Thursday, November 12, 2009
    Saying Something stupid like " I Love you " | 10:12 PM

    I have, in me, a side that loves classical music and some really old songs. So occasionally i would try to dig up some songs that i grew up listening but have forgotten or songs that i came across on the radio and never figured out who sang them...then again...sometimes u'll find them again by coincidence so this few videos below will forever be in my " Oldies Now " album.

    This one is Hey Jude by The Beatles. Im pretty sure you all know who they are, a really wonderful group of singers. Their songs are legendary.....i'm pretty sure there are a few songs from them that i would like to post here, but thats another update :D

    This next one, pretty sure u guys are familiar with, Can you feel the love tonight by Elton John. Wow this song brings back really young memories when i first heard it watching two lion doing it...oh wait its a children movie, by doing it, i mean, kissing. Gawd that female lion is HAWT, dun ask me why >.>

    I dedicate this song to my gf, sook koon. Just cause we hadn't talk for a while and its hard to contact each other so was hoping she would read this post. Prays hard ~~~
    Im pretty sure this is one of those songs u've heard but never got to know who sang it. Frank Sinatra is one of the best known artist/actor back in the 1950s. Song titled " Something Stupid "
    weird title but a beautiful song non the less.


    Saturday, November 7, 2009
    Poker face !! | 3:46 PM

    So i was watching south park as usual like every other week..last particular week however, got me thinking bout it over and over again. that episode had a plot about the Japanese killing dolphins and whales. In the middle of all that there's a scene where cartman(on the mic), Kenny(On rock band drum set), kyle(guitar hero's guitar) sang the start bit from poker face by lady gaga. Cartman was singing it and those who watch south park knows whatever cartman sings, he made a damn good impression of it. Particularly this very song got into my head and it has been a week now i could not get it out. Just like that time when i was back in KL and seh ming's caller ring-tone was set to I'm yours by Jason Marz...was hooked on that song for watch the clip above...let me know what u think...


    Wednesday, November 4, 2009
    Pumpkin week ! | 1:01 PM

    This post was suppose to be for Halloween, but couldn't make it in time. I ended up playing a game call " murderer" on holloween night...not much going on in my apartment but outside...u'll see drunk zombies walking around. Yes they are no ordinary zombies ! They are real ! literally...
    Only cause the drunk effect makes them seem more...whats that word...zombie-ish

    I stumble upon this blonde lady with a sailor costume...boy was she drunk...
    was taking the same elevator up to 4th floor, where i live. She was like starring at me the whole time asking ridiculous question that makes no sense. Guess that proves drinking really kills ur braincells...thats not it...after we got off the elevator, she actually attempted to pull me into her apartment. I was like thank you....and left. Every single time she started talking in the elevator, i had a feeling she was gonna puke on i had to get away from her....

    That's the only particular thing that i remembered happened on hollowness trick O' treat moment for me either...and on the following day the instructor have us texture pumpkins ! YAY ! not really....but non the less...pumpkins has to be in 4 flavours, Chocolate(yummy), Orange Peel(Citric-ness), Hammered Copper(shinny), Black_Leather(Comfy).

    So ya'll choose a pumpkin that u like then comment on it ! Happy Halloween ! Bwahahahuhuho


    Wednesday, October 28, 2009
    spring semester 2009 | 8:41 PM

    Apart from my digital VFX composting work, i have decided to post something more to what my major is about. I have recently changed my major from animation and VFX for games to Modeling and texturing for games. One of the major reasons is because i have lost interest in doing animation, weather it be 2D or 3D. I just do not enjoy animating as much as modelling, mainly because im more of a detail artist, my eyes tends to wonder around fine and nice details in certain things and i'm fascinated with. Modeling is like sculpting, u craft just like sculptors do. And as for texuring, u basically put colors, shades, tones, shadows, highlights, etc. Both of them which has a lot to do with fine detailing weather it be going for stylization or just plain realism.

    In the games major, u learn to work under a specific "limit" of how much a console(ps2,xbox,wii) can hold. So for the following project we're building it for the PS 2 console, so keep in mind of how the ps2 graphics look like. It a basic room scene where u have the basics, we started off with the desk, then progress on to the rest of the room. First image is the Final scene, with a lil touching of lighting using photoshop. On the 2nd image u'll see the model without the texture, and the third image shows a close up shot on the texture. As u can see, it is quite blurry, that's cause u can't get fit a high res texture map in that "limit" we spoke off earlier. The ps2 just wouldn't have the memory capacity for it. To the very right, you'll see small maps lining up one after another, those are the texture maps that i'm talking about.
    (click image to enlarge)

    This next one is the character we are required to build after the room was done, i did not like how my creature turn out, there's just so much wrong to it that i wouldn't wan to explain. But feel free to comment on it.
    (click image to enlarge)

    Spent the whole semester doing these two project, I'm actually quite satisfy with my room but still there are some fixing to be done.

    Thank you for reading
    comments are appreciated


    Monday, October 26, 2009
    Blog Renewal Underway | 12:15 PM

    I have FINALLY decided to start blogging again...actually promised my gf to do so but i didn't cause i was usual i guess...which calls for a fresh new start !
    First impression on new blog says its has phails(a terminology for failing spelled with a ph and using has instead of have just for the heck of it).....i was actually suppose to embed a living spider on my blog but then that would crawl around your mouse pointer but then that would surely....prevent my gf from accessing it...defeats the purpose of renewing the blog.....*Squishes spidy and flicks it into my neighbour's window.

    what to write ? what to write ? what to write ? oh for some of you...i might have shown some of my recent recent i mean pass semester's of them include making my friend dissapear...his name is Jerry, from Taiwan. He was basically my last resort for doing the "invisible project" luckily was nice enough to let me make him disappear. Took me a couple of hours to clean the picture(erasing the face, skin, etc) Then moving on to do some touches on the clothing(fake labeling etc), final touches on shadows and viola, my buddy Jerry disappeared.

    One of the most interesting projects i have worked with in the VFX section besides making people disappear is actually stitching images together which is referred to as " panorama "....the image below are compiled with 6 or more photos. It a graffiti wall just outside my school...

    Last but not least....i have saved the best for the last....This project is called " 50ft. student "
    so basically you're suppose to make yourself look like you're 50 ft amongst the buildings around u. Hardest project yet and it is also our final for the VFX class. Took me the most hours out of it but its well worth the time being i have 3 images below...

    First one is about me getting my self shot(by camera) in what we call the green screen room, its one of those many rooms they use in the movies for placing a certain object/people into a scene where its impossible to do in real life. Also added a couple of student's shot....

    Then we're suppose to choose 1 out of 5 pictures that the teacher gave us, or u can shoot your own location picture where u wan to composite yourself into... and i chose this building near my school .

    So what i basically did was, did a lil clean up on my green screen shot to take away the greens affecting my clothing, fix the lighting then fit it into the location above. Following by masking out areas that are not suppose to be there, then add in some shadows and highlight, finishing touching here and there and this is the finishing result....

    Thank you for spending your time to view my post
    Do leave your comments and suggestion